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      Hi there,

      I am looking for energy / building performance modelers to take part in a survey for my dissertation research. I am currently studying Sustainable Building – Performance and Design (MSc) at Oxford Brookes.

      This survey forms part of a wider question in comparing SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure), IES-VE (Integrated environmental systems)and PHPP (Passive House planning package)
      in not only their accuracy to assess building performance but also the input requirements for each software.

      The latter part of the survey asks questions of the software(s) in their role to an NZEB's in the UK.

      I would really appreciate anyone taking the time to complete the survey, it consists of 11 simple questions and takes no times at all.


      If anyone would wish to contact me RE: the survey of the topic being research my email address is [email protected]

      Thanks in advance.


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      Hi Guys,

      If you would like to complete the survey there is still time left to do so. I will not be closing the link for another few weeks.

      Any contribution (even if you can't answer all the questions) will be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks again,


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