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      Sian Richards

        I’m a member of a senior cohousing group looking at viability of building 20 1 and 2 bed flats plus significant amount of communal space an a potential site. Our ambition is passivhaus certifcation, but we’re working with a housing association who have no experience of passivhaus.
        They have obtained very high level construction costs from a QS, which shows a passivhaus uplift of 20% above baseline for June 2022 Building Regs. This is the same as the estimates for the old Building Regs, which makes little sense.
        We have suggested that we’d be willing to consider AECB as less scary/risky for them in order to reduce the cost to value gap which is currently enormous.
        Neither the housing association nor the QS were aware of the AECB standard until we told them about it. The housing association are saying that there won’t be any cost savings compared to passivhaus, and the QS is saying he has been unable to obtain information on AECB costs.
        Is there a rule of thumb for comparison of PH and AECB uplift or does it depend on the project?

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