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      Does anyone know any ways or products suitable for injecting additional insulation into a partially-filled cavity wall?

      I was hunting for info on injected systems and quickly found the previous post on Eco-injected systems and comments about Icynene….

      ….however this involves a 75mm cavity with 50mm Jablite already in place but NOT fixed to the inner leaf, just sitting on wall ties. This causes concern about its uselessness as an insulant and possible carrier of water across the cavity as it flaps about. Its a Cotswold stable block built in 2000 but now being converted to a dwelling.

      I had originally tried to find a way to get rid of the Jablite and start again with the insulation but it doesn't seem very possible.

      I'm wondering if something ( foam? beads? ) injected at various levels from the outer leaf would push the Jablite against the inner leaf and supplement the insulation effectively…..


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      Tom Foster

      Yeah, anyone tried removing EPS? Wondering – if tiles/felt rolled back enough to look straight down the cavity, could the EPS be smashed by prodding with a long bar, then vacuumed out? Laborious, but … I'm sure there will be much call to remove cavity wall insulation in future – the cavity space and the thermal massiveness of the outer skin will become too valuable to be isolated away from the interior.

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