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      Peter Bayer

      I have an oak framed roof which I would prefer to leave exposed ,hence I am looking at
      over rafter insulation but as the rafters are somewhat banana shaped in both planes
      I need a solution that will accommodate this less than ideal base.The materials I have
      found so far are too rigid or require too great a thickness .Am I going to have to in effect construct a new roof structure over the top?
      Any suggestions?

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      on page 40 of green building magazine volume17/2 theres a article covering a similar problem , they used T&G wood fibreboard
      I think this might be the product

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      Peter Bayer

      thanks I'll have a look when I get hold of a copy!
      The exposed rafters are an aesthetic choice not an economy!I am trying to retain the
      period features and achieve modern performance ,what I hope to avoid is the soulless
      box inside an old building (plasterboard finishes etc)I know I'm making life difficult for
      myself but if the period housing stock of this country is to be brought up to scratch a way of reconciling these requirements will have to be found.

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      I think you are right Peter.

      It is easier to replace the rafters to get a flat working surface and allows the installation of a continuous vapour barrier over the purlins.

      This gives choice for insulation methods.

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