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      Robert Rickey

      I am now looking at my floor options. The house is about 60% suspended timber and 40% solid concrete. I am using Carbonlite silver as my spec, since the house itself (and my budget) do not support a PH standard. It looks like I can get a U-value of 0.25 by insulating the suspended floor (tips on airtightness solutions welcomed). I believe, but haven't verified, that the solid floor will have a screed (75mm?) on a bituminous DPM on concrete. Avoiding taking the whole lot out, would it be worth chipping out the screed and putting high-performance insulation down? Using 60mm of phenolic insulation with a thin flooring would give 0.39; not great, but better than nothing.

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      Geoff Stow

      When insulation the suspended floor look at incorporating a air tight membrane just under the floor boards this will stop draughts and protect the insulation from spilt water. This is quite easy if you are taking up the floor boards a bit more tricky if you are doing it from underneath.

      If you do not want to chip out all the screed is it possible to batten out the floor and insulate between the battens. I have done this at a friends house and it was a great way of leveling and warming the floor. You could incorporate under floor heating at the same time.

      It can cause problems with doors depending on the room design.


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