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      I am fitting triple glazed passivhaus standard windows into a converted brick barn. We will be putting an insulated stud wall on the inside but are not sure how we can prevent cold bridging if the window is fitted into the brickwork.

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      Tom Foster

      You simply (if only it were simple) have to put a good thickness of insulation between inside air and any part of the external-skin brickwork. How thick the brickwork; where does the window sit in that thickness; therefore how much brickwork 'shows' inboard of the window frame?

      In addition, the frame will be a 'colder' thing, being in full contact with the cold outer skin and also not having any insulation brought across its outside face. So the frame will preferably have best possible PH-grade (or better) insulation within its section.

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      Tim Gilbert

      I would be interested to know what you ended up doing.

      I have just fitted treble glazing in a 9″ brick wall and am contemplating my options for insulating the reveals and frames. My current thinking is to use aerogel across the reveal and overlapping the frame as much as possible. The reveals can then be plastered and some trim applied to the frame to hide the insulation. Not cheap but then hopefully I’ll only do this once.


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