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        Dear AECB forum….

        We're starting the renovation of a detached house in south east London and would like to investigate ground source heating.

        We have one quote already, which feels a little high, and would like to cast the net a bit wider.

        Please get in touch if you know of a company that is experienced and competent to install such a system?

        Thanks very much!


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        I am not sure why you would put a GDHP in a South London house.

        If you are renovating a house with access to mains gas installing a high quality Condensing Boiler with underfloor heating.

        This would be much cheaper than a GSHP and you could spend the money you save on high quality insulation, doors windows etc.

        On environmental grounds it is very unlikely that you would end making a saving on either energy use or CO2 emissions.

        many of the good companies that install HPs would advise against installing if you have mains Gas, 1 or 2 will refuse to do it.

        If you want to know more check out John Cantor Heat Pumps web site


        Hope this helps.


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        Or with only access to LPG, why would you do it either? The emissions of propane are not far above those of methane/natural gas. Both condensing can be burned in boilers, using top-notch (load compensation) controls.

        For about 30 years I've advised clients with fairly low-heat loss houses to use radiators. If one wishes, they can be more stylish and durable than the usual pressed steel panels. None have later regretted the decision.

        One client who fitted UFH before I got involved in his project had control problems which were quite difficult to rectify. I don't know if he ever did fully correct them; he may have sold the house before that happened (NB it was sold for other reasons, mainly his growing family wanted more space).

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