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      Ben Gorman

      Here is Question 12, along with my thoughts about how to answer it. I don’t know whether or not I have the correct answer. I would be really interested in your comments.

      Be aware that the online quiz tends to change the order of the answer options.

      **** QUIZ QUESTION ****

      The area between the first floor joists in particular (below first floor floorboards and above ground floor ceiling) is a typical area for uncontrolled air leakage, either between the exterior and interior or to and from neighbouring properties). When repairing or maintaining intermediate floors what might be measures that can be taken to close these air paths when taking up the edge floorboards and skirting boards :

      1. parging the exposed brickwork in these areas & taping the joists to the masonry.
      2. fully filling the area with insulation materials such as mineral fibre, thick polystyrene or foam board.
      3. fully adhering hygroscopic insulation boards between joists, against the masonry and taping joists to the board adhesive

      **** MY THOUGHTS ****

      I chose 1 and 3 because they are the only ones that mention taping the joists and it would seem a good idea to do this. Can anyone elaborate on the differeces between these three options?

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      Tim Gilbert

      Hi Ben,

      This is tricky.

      I see the logic about taping but if you parge and tape (1) then the humidity in the brickwork and joist ends will increase. Similarly 2 is a recipe for dampness problems.

      That leaves 3, and presumably at least one of the answers are correct. However this too could lead to problems. We have established that the wall is wet and therefore a hygroscopic board might also be wet after a short while and being sandwiched between the ceiling, floorboards and joists it’s potential to dry out is very limited.

      So none of them is correct? I don’t think that we have enough information about other remedial work being undertaken to select any answer.

      If you manage to answer questions 1-11 correctly you will have passed anyway, so don’t worry about it!


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