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      Ben Gorman

        Here is Question 8, along with my thoughts about how to answer it. I don’t know whether or not I have the correct answer. I would be really interested in your comments.

        Be aware that the online quiz tends to change the order of the answer options.

        **** QUIZ QUESTION ****

        Quiz question 8
        What measures could rectify this situation?
        1. Renew the roofing slates and bituminous felt.
        2. Insert soffit vents in the eaves boxing and re-lay insulation at the eaves to
        allow free air movement through the roof void.
        3. Inhibit air movement from the first floor by better sealing the attic hatch
        4. Closing off gaps such as around recessed lights or ‘hidden draught chimneys’
        where internal partition walls are built up into the attic joists.
        5. Add a vapour control layer to the ceilings below.
        6. Install adequate ventilation, particularly in bathrooms and kitchen.

        **** MY THOUGHTS ****

        All of these sound plausible measures. I can’t think of one that isn’t. Maybe the bathroom and kitchen ventilation only affect moisture locally in those rooms, so it would not affect the roof void?

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        Tim Gilbert

          Hi Ben,

          This question can only be answered correctly if you have already answered the previous one correctly. Given my answers to Q7 I would select all but the first one. It the slates did need replacing I wouldn’t use bitumous felt anyway, I’d use a breathable membrane.

          The moisture from wet rooms can move around a house remarkably quickly, particularly if leaks in the ceiling are causing a chimney effect.


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