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      Welcome to the new forum area for CarbonLite Retrofit students.
      Many of you will be starting Module 3 in Feb 2018 – so feel free to post any questions or thoughts, and get a discussion going between yourselves.
      We will look through these questions and may include some of the in the web tutorial with Bill Butcher on 5th March 2018.

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      Adam James

      What approach should you take when you encounter extensive wet rot in an existing stone wall that has been previously poorly retrofitted with layers of internal drylining and cement based render externally.

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      Ben Gorman

      I’d be interested to hear any feedback on this. A neighbour has a mid-terrace with solid brick walls. They are having problems with damp penetrating from the exterior. The building company they are using are tackling it by putting a membrane on the interior walls to stop the damp entering the house. Surely this is not a good idea? Would it not be better to stop the damp entering the brick wall in the first place by improving the DPC? Otherwise the brickwork is still at risk of freeze-thaw damage during the winter.

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      Tim Gilbert

      Hi Ben,

      I absolutely agree with you. Any fissures or spalling of the walls should be made good and then a product like Stormdry masonry cream should be applied. http://www.safeguardeurope.com/products/stormdry-system

      The proposed method is just storing up a miriad problems.

      By enabling the masonry to dry the neighbours should also notice increased comfort in their home.


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      Tim Gilbert

      PS. Some of the damp will be coming from next door each side so either the neighbours need to be pursuaded to do the same or a vertical damp course will be required at all 4 connections, and as it is from wetting the wall, not the existing DPC, that vertical DPC needs to extend from as low as they can get to the roof.
      This isn’t really a job for a builder but a specialist company. That way the neighbour should get a guarantee that can help sell the house when that day comes.


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      Tim Gilbert

      Hi James

      To answer your question, perhaps a more general audience in one of the other forums could give better advice. Remember that you are addressing a group of students!

      For my part I would replace any lose render with something breathable but removing something fixed could cause more damage than it might treat.

      Where is the wet rot? Ground floor or higher? Not that I’d know what to do with it (yet). Where shallow crawl spaces exist there seems to be a preference in AECB to replace with a damproof and well insulated solid floor.


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      Hi all,

      I am encouraging all CLR students (including those who have already graduated) to use this forum. And some students completing the CLR course have many years of retrofit experience, but would like to get the CLR certification.

      So there there will be some very knowledgeable students among you, as well as those who are relatively new to low energy refurbishment.


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      Phil Beardmore

      When I complete the homework, is there any way that I can find out which questions I have got right and which questions I have got wrong, so I can work on my incorrect answers?

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      Antonietta Russo

      Hi All,

      I have completed Module 3 homework and got 77%. Can anyone check and let me know which one is wrong, please? It is required to get 80% in order to pass it.

      My answers are the following:

      1. all

      2. 1,2 and 4

      3. 2

      4. 2

      5. 1,3 and 5

      6. 3

      7. 1 and 3

      8. 2,3,4,5 and 6

      9. all

      10. 3

      11. 1 and 2

      12. 1 and 3

      Thank you so much for checking.


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        I did the test a few weeks ago and initially got a similar score to you. Which I think is pretty good in the circumstances. Trying to apply lots of ‘dry’ information provided in this format is quite challenging! Certainly for me as I learn better by seeing and doing.

        Anyway, I simply reset the quiz and tweaked the answers I wasn’t sure about to improve the score. Did that a few times and eventually arrived at 98%! Suggest you give it a go.

        Regards, Ade


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