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      Helen Richards

      Hello everyone, I have not been involved in discussions until now, but am having some issues with the homework for this module, am finding the homework questionnaire format slightly challenging, partly as have received a low score inspite of feeling confident that my answers were pretty good!!! And due to the way it is set up it is hard to re-correct as I am sure a few of you are also finding.

      It is tricky to know which question to open this discussion with as am not sure which aspect I have not completed correctly !! However, would welcome any comments at all on any questions that others would like to discuss to get this chat going, and to help me realise where I have made errors ?????


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      Hi Helen.
      Thanks for getting a discussion going on the Module 5 homework task.

      If anyone is having trouble with a quiz question, please create a new post (e.g. Lesson 5.18, Quiz 1) and start by saying which answers you think are correct, and maybe why. Then others can come in and join the discussion.

      So, one post per quiz question to get things started. Then others who are having trouble can join the discussion on the specific quiz that is causing trouble.

      If we see that there is a common misconception or that the wording of a quiz needs to be improved, we’ll can sort it out – once we know where there is an issue.

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      Tim Gilbert

      Does the lack of posts relating to this mean that everyone else has now successfully completed their homework?

      I have had this on ice for ages and today decided to race through the questions to see how much more reading I need to do. The answer appears to be that I need to start at the beginning again.

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