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      Please make suggestions into aspects of buildings and building services low energy retrofit that would benefit from further research.

      please keep suggestions short and sweet, but please feel free to post any relevant 'best existing' research you know of on your suggestion.

      Why? Because AECB is scoping out areas of research needing to be done to better our understanding of retrofit practice for long term successful outcomes.

      Many thanks!

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      Kate Ball

      If the research isn't out there already, some detailed information on HOW risky internal insulation is in terms of damp, and how to mitigate risks, would be really helpful.
      I'm also trying to work out how to start a staged retrofit of an ex-council mid-terrace house with uninsulated timber framed external walls (but brick cavity walls between properties- go figure!). Due to budget constraints (i.e. it has to be as close to 0 as possible) the loft insulation and airtightness will need to be across the ceilings, and so the ceiling-wall insulation and airtightness detail at the eaves is giving me headaches- more available solutions to hideous fiddly details would be wonderful!

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      David Olivier

      If the budget is 0, don't do it!? Wait until commonsense prevails. If UK dwellings are paying £1400/y for gas and electricity, that's £28,000 over a 20 y period and any half-sensible country will at some point decide that part of this £28,000 should go into improved insulation/draughtproofing, not into heating the atmosphere.

      TF external walls and masonry party walls are probably not that unusual. A lot of “CW” houses also have TF panels above and below the windows.

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