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      We've been left in the proverbial by our intended supplier of the closed panel frame for a passive house in the north of Scotland, so looking for ideas for a replacement manufacturer. The design has been based on a 300mm I-beam panel (with glass wool insulation) both for walls and roof. Any changes from this would put us back quite a bit, so I'd really like to find someone who can work from the existing drawings. Any ideas?

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      I am in the process of ordering a timber frame from EcoHomes in Cork, Ireland. They are supplying and fitting the insulated slab, frame and PH Cert windows to an air tight finish so it is hopefully a de risked approach for us. I would like to know what direction you choose to go in when you decide? Good luck Chrisitan

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      We've just been to see a company in Glasgow, CCG, very impressive set up, so that's one option. They supply closed panel buildings with doors and windows fitted, and can also supply with services pre-fitted in the service void, also with lightweight external finishes, although at the moment we feel the latter two are a bit OTT. And they've doen a handful of Passive Houses in Scotland.

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