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      Nick Grant

      Pete asked me to put this up for discussion.

      Nice clear statement, thanks Pete.

      I suggest corrections are discussed in the forum rather than made in the doc file.



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      Hi guys,

      This is very much on BREs radar and initial conversations have been had with PHI harmonise lambda values used in PH certification across Europe, to avoid current discrepancies between tougher German DIN standards or ‘rated values’ used by PHI and the ‘nominal’ or ‘manufacturers declared’ values used elsewhere in Europe.

      PHI have agreed that existing projects currently going for certification in the UK would not be affected by the proposed changes or a 'grandfather clause' as Pete would call it
      (provided the lambda values used conform to CE Norms)…

      Sorry that there is not much to report from our end at the minute but we hope to have this resolved in due course… and finance is always an issue! BREs pockets are fairly deep but not bottomless!!


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      Mark Siddall

      If the DIN were to be adopted how do we over come the QA issues arising from confusion about using DIN standard resistances?


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