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      An interesting discussion on twitter (me = @greengaugenergy , with @greentomatoNRG , and @markelton ) about the benefits of getting PH certified, compared to just designing up to the standard.

      I suggested that in this context the uplift in value of a bona-fide PH would probably outweigh the cost of certification, but a few minutes on google reveals no evidence.

      Is anyone aware of any data on the value of Passivhauses compared to a) houses with a similar level of performance and b) the general housing stock?

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      Nick Grant

      I have been meaning to write something defending the value of proper certification as is a very valuable QA exercise in our experience of using Warm as certifiers. I would have thought the extra cost would be lost in the noise of house price fluctuation and not comparable from survey of sold houses even if there were hundreds out there to analyse.

      The sort of people who go for certification might care more about other details, impossible to control for that single variable.


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