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      David Bryan

      Afternoon All,

      A friend of mine has asked me this question in relation to her thoughts for a renovation of a property they have bought.

      The external wall construction is a very early cavity construction of 4″ brick, 2″ cavity, 4″ brick. The cavity has been filled with either poly balls or some form of vermiculite (I haven't seen it, I'm going on what I've been told!).

      She is after having some form of EWI on the building but my initial instinct would be that if she went for a poly EWI then there is the risk of interstitial condensation around the external leaf as it wouldn't be able to transit the moisture effectively if it were to occur.

      My question is whether this can be mitigated by the use of a Wood Fibre based EWI and Lime Render to allow the movement of moisture outwards? Obviously either a greater thickness would be needed or a lesser U-value settled for if the dimensions were too big.

      As I concentrate on New-Builds then I don't really have much idea when it comes to retrofits so any assistance or opinion would be much appreciated!

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