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      I am looking to get my teeth into organisng an event that will study and hopefully make soem scientifically informed advise on the issues of thermal upgrading/retrofitting insulation to existing properties (including the particuarly difficult case of doing this to a solid wall historic structure. This will obviusly need some detailed building physics input.

      I would appreciate some advise on best approach:

      My thoughts are to look at the various options on the market today i.e external versus internal insulation, thermal break problems at say floor and roof junctions, vapour and condensation risk, fabric decay, plaster type, paint type, costs and practicality.

      Do you think I would be best to involve a university with building materials research capability.

      If this info is already available I would be grateful to know. however, from the questions I have asked so far this appears that there is not clear guidance (just worrying rumours!).

      Thoughts appreciated



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