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      I found this really inspiring, and want to try and find time to learn more about the best designs….. http://www.eere.energy.gov/solar_decathlon/about.html … could we do this here in the UK, based around AECB Gold standard?!

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      Nick Grant

      Very interesting.

      Surely it wouldnt be based around any prescriptive standard, Gold or other, results would be the thing.

      Geoff Stow has some relevant experience with House Race.


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      It'd be extremely cool if someone could get Channel 4 interested in this, a nice move on from Grand Designs I think. Anyone got McClod's email addy?

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      PS I'm prepared to do hunting/chasing of TV producers in this regard if the AECB thinks it's a goer.

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      the use of tv media to promote key messages…mmm.

      Wot, like Beanz Meanz Heinz?

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