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      A few people in my area have recently had so called “thermal coatings” installed on their roofs, the suppliers claim that this will reduce heat getting into the roof space during the summer and prevent heat loss during the winter! I'm inclined to think this is pretty much green wash, their claim “Your Thermal Coatings Ltd Roof Coatings System will have a definite impact on the world's “Greenhouse Effect” I think is very misleading, on their website they make various claims but don't back these up with any evidence.

      Their website is,

      What do others think on here are they genuine or just flogging green wash?

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      Geoff Stow

      Judging by the lack of details my feeling is that the product is just paint. I wouldn't touch it if I were you. Their information on Solar PV is way out of date as well. That doesn't inspire confidence.

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      They cold called at my door a couple of months ago and I just shut the door. I think there are loads of companies out there flogging this kind of stuff and getting away with their unfounded claims. Maybe the BBC should do a Rogue Traders type program on them to show them for what they are.

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