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      We've got catnic box lintels (the perforated ones) to contend with on a cavity build. Anyone any experience of making these airtight at masonry-lintel junction.

      Also same question for RSJs – masonry.


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      Nick Grant

      HI Mike

      Is this bridging the cavity or do you have one each side?

      I would think it needs a suitable tape to allow a metal to plaster seal eg Proclima Contega. The tape has a fleecy backing that bonds nicely to plaster.



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      We are planning on sealing and taping the ply window boxes to the lintels but we started to worry a little about the lintel to masonry connection above

      I think you also posted this question on GBF but different details have emerged. I was going to post about what GBS did at Denby Dale but you hadn't mentioned window boxes. Since you now have, I will – “look at what BB did at Denby Dale”. If so, then window connects to window box connects to plaster parging (existence of which is stated on GBF) and the lintels are completely irrelevant. Or have I missed something?

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      maybe not – maybe I'm worrying unnecessarily – nearly tempted to use one of the emoticons looking at me as I type

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      definitely worrying unnecessarily if it's the job I think it is.. 😉

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