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      Hello all,

      I’m a joiner, wanting to make my own timber triple glazed frames and casements.  Obviously I want to keep the u value as low as possible for the whole unit, but the designs I have looked at online (for inspiration) which include green building store and whitehill, differ in their profiles.  Does anyone know why they have such a large rebate/groove?  I’m also not convinced about a timber window that is glazed internally, with the rebate on the inside and necessary drainage holes.  I would think an external rebate is better in case of water ingress?

      I’m thinking heavy duty friction hinges (which would have a stack height of 13mm) and an excalibur locking system, but I’m clearly missing something as to why the rebate is so big. Is it anything to do with air and insulation? Can anyone enlighten me?

      Many thanks for your time and ideas,




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      Hello Alastair,

      I think you are referring to the gap between the casement and the frame?  It needs to be the depth of the friction hinge stack height minus how much you house the friction hinge in by (1mm either side possibly).

      Check the designs for fixed lights. If they don’t have drainage holes then why would you need them if you still have the same siliconed bead holding the external glazing in place?


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