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      Frances Bradshaw

      Would it be useful/interesting to start a group of members doing TSB retrofits? I bet lots of the projects are being done by AECB members? We are doing one with Metropolitan Housing and one with North Staffordshire Sanctuary HA – Fran Bradshaw at Anne Thorne Architects

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      Chris Herring

      The AECB has also been advising the TSB, and assisting in judging applications.

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      Geoff Stow

      I agree that it would be good to share info. You could consider putting something in Network maybe with a short bit about the TSB Initiative.

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      We are involved with two TSB projects. We already have air tightness testing planned which should be done in the next week or two. We are now looking for a surveyor who can draw up some plans for our properties (4 in rural Warwickshire and 1 in Birmingham). We need someone who is familiar with PHPP so that the plans are detailed enough for input into this software. Can anyone help with this?

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      We have in house working knowledge of PHPP so yes we could potentially help a surveyor/architect to capture the relevant information on their plans. We do not have people “in house” who are trained at measuring up buildings and drawing plans so this is where help is needed.

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      Alan Clarke

      To reply to Paul Jennings, as I understood it, “before” airtests would be provided for in phase 2, and phase 1 is more of a feasibility stage, than a hands-on renovation. Also “my” housing associations haven't decided which actual houses we can do yet!

      Although overall I can see the merit of a “before” test I'm not so sure of the value of the first test strategically for an individual renovation – knowing we want to go from a test figure in the range 10-30 down to less than a tenth of that means we are expecting to deal with big holes like chimneys and sash windows, and doors that don't shut. It is probably more useful to be thinking about budgeting for an additional “first-fix” test during construction instead.


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