Invitation to interview – Green Skills Bootcamps research

Learning and Work Institute (L&W), an independent research organisation, is carrying out research on green skills on behalf of the Department for Education (DfE). The aim of this research is to understand employers’ demand for green skills training provision, views on the idea of green skills bootcamps and what these could look like. 

L&W are inviting employers in the building & construction sector to take part in a 45 – 60 minute online interview. Employers that take part will have an opportunity to provide valuable insights that will inform the DfE’s National Skills Fund policy and the development of green skills bootcamps.

The government defines green skills as the skills needed to promote a green economic recovery focused on reducing UK carbon emissions through an investment in clean energy and technologies. Examples of this include offshore wind and home retrofitting.

If you are an employer with a potential or existing demand for green skills, then L&W are interested in hearing about your perspective.

They would like to invite you to:

· Take part in a 45-60 minute interview at a time that is convenient for you. This will be conducted over the phone or via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

During an interview they would like to cover:

· The extent to which you experience a demand for green skills training.

· Your engagement and investment in green skills training provision.

· What support you would need to invest in green skills training.

· Your views on the idea of a green skills bootcamp and possible demand for this model.

If you do choose to take part in the interview, your details will remain confidential, and any findings that are reported will be kept anonymous.

If you would like to take part then please email stating any preferred times that you could spare to do the interview.