Who are we are and what do we do? 

This is a new group that has started with Tim Martel as the group leader. Tim organised Transition Stroud’s Open Homes 2018 and has plenty of contacts for visits in the surrounding area. Please also contact him if you’d like to suggest a visit.  Tim is one of our tutors on the CarbonLite retrofit course and is also an AECB Expert Advisor.

New monthly AECB visits of energy efficient eco homes are starting in the Stroud area. Visits are open to all and no booking is required. Each visit will be a guided tour lasting around an hour, similar to Transition Stroud’s Open Homes but only one house at a time. The event is joint hosted with Transition Stroud.


Meet the group leader:

Tim Martel
Certified Passivhaus Designer ○ Chartered Architectural Technologist ○ Retrofit Coordinator ○ CarbonLite Tutor ○ AECB Expert Advisor
Tim is an expert in PHPP energy calculations for new build and retrofit projects, Embodied CO2 calculations, PAS2035 calculations, software and moisture issues. He’s the author of the AECB PHribbon software, used with PHPP, and a standalone Embodied CO2 calculator. This is backed up with considerable expertise in Excel, macro/Visual Basic programming and calculations. He has been a Retrofit Coordinator since 2017 and also has experience in THERM for Thermal Bridge calculations and handling Omnisense monitoring data.

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Ideas and suggestions for the group are very welcome.

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