Who are we and what do we do?

The Oxford Group is newly being reformulated with the new group leader Hunter Riach. The group will aim to collaborate with other networks and initiative’s as well as helping develop and influence strategy to meet the Net Zero Targets. It will represent and bring together the Oxfordshire AECB membership and partners within the region.

Meet the group leader:

Hunter Riach
BA (Hons) Architecture
Professional Diploma in Architecture:
Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies at the Centre for Alternative Technology.
Member of AECB (Association for Environment Conscious Building)

‘Hi, my name’s Hunter Riach.
I was born in Oxford & grew up in the architecture and building industry.
I am an Architectural designer, trained at C.A.T, with 5 years of experience as a builder.
In 2021, I plan to qualify as a PAS 2035 Retrofit Coordinator.
My studies at the ‘Centre for alternative technology’, re-ignited my passion for ecological design and building,
and I remember my time there fondly.
I love nature, including humans & therefore want to protect them.
This sentiment is inherent in my design thinking, and I intend to be true to this in everything I do.’

We established Ecologos Ltd to grow a business that aligns with our principles and creates healthy, efficient and beautiful buildings for the future.
Our design drivers are enjoyable spaces, the use of; renewable, non-toxic materials and the buildability of a project.
We also love plants, so will try and integrate these architecturally where possible.

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