Who are we and what do we do? It seems essential that there should be a group representing AECB members based in Scotland. As a new group, the Scotland group is open to suggestions about what activities we should organise. These may include meetings, forums, visits, seminars, newsletters etc.

Ideas and suggestions for the group are very welcome – contact the group leader below.

Meet the group leader: 

Peter Caunt“Hi, I am Peter Caunt. I run Quercus Rural Building Design which is an Architects practice that also builds its own designs. We tackle all types of construction but specialise in those using Scottish Timber. We like all our buildings to be energy efficient, ecologically sound and sustainable. We are an approved body for section 6 certification which is the energy section of the Scottish Building regulations. We also have an interest in PassivHaus.”

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To chat with members of the group go to the new forum area here. If you are an AECB member, you will need to log in to participate in forum discussions.


A “Scotland – Friends of the AECB” event was held in Edinburgh in June 2023 where presentations, drinks and networking took place.  It was facilitated by Jarek Gasiorek who is an AECB trustee.