Who are we and what do we do? 

The group covers a wide geographic area and so events and visits may not always be easily accessible to all members but feel free to attend when you can!  At the moment there’s a Cornwall focus with CPD’s and the group meets usually in Bodmin or Truro.  There is currently no regular meeting date, instead we organise occasional talks and site visits to interesting projects combining this with pub grub whenever possible.  We’re always open to suggestions from the group.  We have a healthy mix of builders, self-builders, architects, designers, energy consultants and other construction consultants.

Meet The Group Leaders

“Hi, I’m Nick Donaldson, a long standing member of the AECB and passionate about the nuts and bolts of environment conscious building and design. I’m an Architect at ARCO2 Architecture in Cornwall and have recently completed the AECB’s CarbonLite retrofit course.”     

Hi, I’m Pete Dangerfield, an enthusiastic designer with a background in both architecture and product design. I have a strong passion for sustainable design and environmentally conscious building. I studied on the Architecture and Energy studies masters program at CAT and have begun the AECB’s CarbonLite retrofit course. I am currently undergoing the design of my own low energy retrofit.

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ARCO2 Architecture Ltd are an imaginative, creative and energetic team. Passionate about high-quality architecture in Cornwall our experienced architecture studio consists of a talented team of 10, allowing us to manage a number of sizeable projects.  Formed in 2003 to specialise in sustainable and healthy buildings, we continue to innovate, evolve and lead by example. It was envisioned to describe our aim of reducing carbon emissions through design. Each member of our team has hands-on building experience in creating some of the most sustainable properties in Cornwall and the region.

Ideas and suggestions for the group are welcome – please contact the group leaders.

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