The Zero Carbon Yorkshire buildings working group becomes the AECB Yorkshire Group!

The  Zero Carbon Yorkshire Buildings working group has become the AECB Yorkshire group and is made up of a wide range of building professionals, businesses, activists and academics from across the Yorkshire region. The group meets three times a year in Leeds and has identified the following areas to work on initially:


  • Promotion of Passivhaus low energy building standard (for newbuilds) to local authorities and housing associations within Yorkshire.
  • Exploring solutions to the financial, political and technical challenges posed by the need to undertake radical retrofits of existing buildings within Yorkshire.
  • Promote low carbon building and showcase local exemplar projects within Yorkshire through conferences and websites.
  • Exploring appropriate low carbon energy sources for ultra low energy buildings



The AECB Yorkshire Group shares knowledge through visits to inspiring projects.

Many of these projects are being undertaken by AECB members.

These photos are of a group visit in November 2023 to a retrofit of a farmhouse in The Yorkshire Dales hosted by AECB members Niche Design Architects.

The project is an inspiring example of how to do whole-house retrofit of a traditional stone building really well. The project features: 80mm Diathonite lime/cork insulation to the walls, insulated floors with underfloor heating, triple glazed windows/doors from Green Building Store, a rebuilt roof incorporating additional insulation and airtightness measures, an MVHR system and a ground source heat pump to boot!  Managing damp and breathability of the fabric were critical in this very exposed location.

Interestingly Chris and Catherine of Niche Design were studying on the AECB CarbonLite Retrofit course during the design stage and realised that the PIR insulation they had specified for the external walls was not going to let the solid stone walls breathe and could trap moisture. Instead they looked into Diathonite and persuaded the client to go with this project instead of PIR insulation in order to manage the moisture and provide a more healthy internal environment. Just goes to show how important training like the CarbonLite course is!

Ideas and suggestions for the group are very welcome.

      The administrator of the group is Adam Harper, who is an AECB Trustee.

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To chat with members of the group go to the new forum area here. If you are an AECB member, you will need to log in to participate in forum discussions.

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