We meet in Norwich to talk about projects we’re working on, and those construction details you just need to discuss with someone else.

We have visited new housing at Rayne Park in Norwich. This is a council owned new development site and the first phase is over 170 dwellings of which 112 are to passivhaus standard. Carters, who are a well established Norfolk firm showed us round – very impressive what is being achieved there.

We also visited the Co-housing project Cannock Mill in Colchester, where timber frame houses and flats are just going up – so lots of construction details to see, and also the beautiful site which surrounds the old mill pond.

Another fascinating visit was to the new cob house at Fakenham, introduced by Anthony Hudson from Hudson Architects, who gave us a great overview of the project and the CoBauge programme, which is a joint European project with French and Plymouth partners.

Particularly interesting was the combination of structural and lightweight earths, which improves the insulation value of this great and readily available mass material. Anthony explained it was dug out at 2 very local quarries, as a waste material, so transport was minimal.  See the website for more information https://hudsonarchitects.co.uk/cobbauge/

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Fran Bradshaw“Hi, I’m Fran Bradshaw, Partner at Anne Thorne Architects.  Anne Thorne Architects is a women led firm exploring ideas through practice where participatory design is prioritised.”

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