Group Aims
Bring Wiltshire AECB members together.
Provide business networking opportunities to members
Promote low energy design  and research
Solve issues within the building industry in trying to achieve net zero.
Discover what existing low energy buildings there are in Wiltshire and organise visits to them.
Organise relevant CPD’s for members

Meet the group leader:

Joe Stewart 

We are a multidisciplinary collaborative architecture practice based in central London and Wiltshire , specialising in residential extensions, refurbishments and renovations
Opening a door with us signifies the start of a process. Through clear and honest dialogue with our clients, we endeavour to create something that is personal, collaborative and inclusive.

We bring expert design and technical skill to every project, while pursuing sustainable low energy solutions for modern challenges.

I am a Chartered architectural technologist, a member of the Green Register, the AECB, a Certified Passive House Designer and training as a Retrofit coordinator on the AECB carbon lite course. I deliver residential and commercial projects in the UK.

I believe in responsible design, and my passion for the built environment is driven by the challenge to provide spaces that make use of sustainable resources while enhancing the lives of their inhabitants.

I like nothing more than to use – or creatively reuse – found objects in my projects. My aim is to deliver stunning architecture and design by providing clients with creative, sustainable solutions to realise their vision within their budget.

Ideas and suggestions for the group are very welcome

There are no upcoming events at this time.