Electric Haus – The Weather and PassivHaus research request

The Effects of the UK Weather on the Energy Consumption of a Passivhaus.

Electric Haus Ltd and Loughborough University Building Physics Department are conducting a joint research project to analyse the effects of the weather on the energy consumption within a passivhaus.

The research project involves two stages.  The development of a simulation model by the University to predict the influence of the weather on the energy consumption within a passivhaus and a further test stage to measure and validate the accuracy of the predicted results.

Electric Haus would like to recruit an AECB network member from the South or South-East of England who would like to support this research.  The initial stage would require the supply of the PHPP file* from their passivhaus home to allow the University to develop the weather/energy simulation model. Later in 2022, they would like to validate the accuracy of the simulation by measuring the energy consumption and the weather conditions within the home.


Anybody interested in supporting this research can contact Allan MacCormack at Electric Haus Ltd on 0771 9926660 or email admin@electrichaus.co.uk


*Electric Haus is a registered PHPP and designPH licensee.