Meeting of Minds : SEDA conference

SEDA Conference 2022: A Meeting of Minds

Friday 02 September

Greyfriars Charteris Centre, Edinburgh and On-line

SEDA’s Conference 2022 is a chance to join in with a key group of people and organisations in Scotland to work out what we can do together, what we should be addressing to make Scotland’s future development more sustainable and really address the climate crisis.

Earlier this year at a special Gathering, SEDA’s members identified which subjects that we should focused on for the next year. Our annual conference picks up on many of these issues and builds on these conversations. The Conference themes will include:

  • education; 
  • planning and land use; 
  • retrofit and re-purposing; 
  • health and wellbeing; 
  • materials and resources, and;
  • sufficiency and de-growth

SEDA is inviting key people from other organisations that are working, campaigning and implementing sustainable solutions in Scotland, to tell us more about their actions and what we can do to help. Our aim is that this “Meeting of Minds” will help us to identify where we can have more impact by working together and strengthen our voices.

Speakers so far include; Peter Smith of RIAS and Home Grown Homes, Charlie Wright of Edinburgh Climate Forum, Thornton Kay of SALVO, Brian O’ Reilly of Egg Lighting, Aythan Lewes of EALA Impacts, Dr Julio Bros Williamson and Laura Harty of Edinburgh University, Carey Doyle of Community Land Scotland, Steve Lawrence of Social Enterprise Edinburgh, Scott McAualy of Anthropocene Architecture School, and Tom Morton of Arc Architects and EBUKI. Further speakers and organisations to be confirmed shortly up to the date, but we will be seeking out the best people to get to the key issues for each issue. 

On the day we will focus upon:

  • Immediate action – sharing knowledge about what actions we can take now;
  • Future goals – identifying how we can work together to deliver our long term sustainable design aims.

We’ve asked our speakers to help identify barriers to change as well as what they have been able to achieve. By having a diverse group of speakers we hope to spark cross-subject discussions, creating alliances that strengthen our networks and promote working together towards our common goals. 

We invite SEDA members and anyone interested in these subjects to a day of knowledge sharing and conversation, to debate and work out ways forward together. We want as many people as possible to take part in our discussions and be part of our ongoing campaigning work.

The Conference will take place at the Greyfriars Charteris Centre, Edinburgh, and online, on 2nd September 2022. You can join online or in person, which will include a soup and sandwich lunch (all vegan and veggie). Additionally, we are planning a series of visits to projects round Edinburgh on Saturday 03 September, and details of this will follow shortly on the SEDA website from:

You can reserve your tickets at: