The drilling of two 160mm diameter holes at the front of a Victorian terrace in south London has successfully finished yesterday.

The depth of the boreholes is 129m and 138m respectively.

The initial coordination with the drilling company proved tricky while the council charged juicy fees for pavement closure, parking suspension etc.

Councils are pretty skint these days thanks to more than 10 years of austerity plus all the new challenges that Covid brings along exacerbated by the lack of governmental guidance.

In a ‘grown-up’ world that fully considers the huge threat of climate breakdown charges should be suspended for the installation of renewable resources to make them more attractive on top of the Renewable Heat Incentive.

The installation of the plumbing equipment and decomissioning of the gas condensing boiler will start next week.

Exciting to see how the house will perform with the new means of heating and hot water provision without a full retrofit of the existing house.

I had pushed for retrofit measures but the client focused on the renewables. The mansard roof extension and other alterations makes this already a £225k + job excluding the costs for the drilling and the PV going onto the roof. Hard to believe but true.

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