To all members,

This is our first day of being a member of this network and I would personally like to wish everyone all the very best in health, wealth and the New Year.

To all the Network members I would like to extend our offer of services that we can provide if you are looking for a company who can deliver ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) buildings.

To the Architects- if you are looking to work with ICF or you have clients who are interested then please get in touch.

To the Developers- have you considered this type of build? Lets discuss the benefits.

To the land owners- If you are looking to develop a pocket of land then think of the benefits of ICF construction.

To all of the business’s who provide supplementary services such as Air source/ Ground source, Low energy solutions- please get in touch as when an ICF house or development is constructed then these are the services that compliment the build and service the end user gaining confidence in these technologies.


Happy New Year & Keep safe.

Andrew Murray 

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