Environmentally, the manufacture of limes or Natural Hydraulic Limes (NHLs) consumes less energy and produces less greenhouse gases than that of Portland cement per unit weight.*

Lime-based mortars offer a range of advantages from a design perspective.

Walls have improved ‘breathability’ to water and water-vapour, which reduces the likelihood of frost failure of materials and thus improves the internal living environment.

Walls have more tolerance to movement caused by thermal and moisture action.

Lime-based mortars are capable of self-healing microscopic cracks by plastic flow and diffusion and are less susceptible to sulphate attack, providing all-round consistently high-quality results.

The SMET Professional range of quality NHL-based mortars is backed up with the expertise of an on-call technical advisor.

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*Source: nhbcfoundation.org based on De Vekey, 2005.

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