Neil May Memorial Lecture – the UK housing affordability crisis

The second memorial lecture celebrating Neil May MBE’s life and pioneering work in the built environment work sector.

Neil May was an inspiration to many working in the built environment sector. Alongside his innovative work on moisture in buildings he had passion for housing, social equality, and understanding the roots of the ‘housing crisis’.  This presentation may be of particular interest to members and it can be accessed below.

The guest speaker is Joshua Ryan Collins (UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose). Josh discusses the UK and wider high-income economy housing affordability crisis. He argues that the demand for housing as (principally) a financial investment and source of rent extraction is the key challenge that needs addressing by policy makers, rather than supply-side interventions. He also examines how increasing supply of housing stock is incompatible with the UK’s climate and biodiversity commitments, meaning the key challenge is to rethink the allocation of existing residential space.