New job opportunity working with LETI and PHT

LETI are delighted to report that the fund raising campaign to cover annual running costs, admin/communication support and increase engagement has raised a total of £37,134 from 186 supporters!  LETI are now able to hire additional part-time support for LETI and working with the Passivhaus Trust. Deadline to apply for this new role is Monday 31st January 2022

Marketing & Events Coordinator

Passivhaus Trust are currently seeking a Marketing & Events Coordinator with the opportunity to also work with LETI on a part-time basis, making this a full-time role under the same contract. The role with LETI will focus primarily on events, and also assisting marketing and comms.

The job is remote working for the foreseeable future with weekly team meetings via zoom. The role will start as early as possible after January 2022. For more details and how to apply, please see the detailed job description.

Deadline to apply: Monday 31st January 2022