New Publication: The Passivhaus Handbook

If you are interested in Passivhaus and want to know more details, Green Books have just published The Passivhaus Handbook, written by AECB members Janet Cotterell and Adam Dadeby.

This excellent book acts both as an introduction to the details of the Passivhaus methodology and how it works in practice. Any of you who have clients who have expressed interest in a Passivhaus project would be well advised to suggest they get a copy of the book a it is extremely well written and accessible. Likewise anyone new to the Passivhaus model, for instance engineers, builders, M&E installers etc. and would like to get involved in what will be a growing market would do well to have a read so as to better understand the details and how their work relates to them, especially when looking at issues such as airtightness and thermal bridging etc.