Now is the time to build real competence in retrofit.

How to avoid the problems caused by sub-standard retrofit work

The recently published Each Home Counts (“Bonfield”) Report highlighted the problems caused by sub-standard retrofit work. It was no surprise to those of us who have been involved in the sector. In fact, for many AECB members, it will have been hard to avoid saying ‘told you so’!
Whilst a big part of the problem has been the structure of the funding and the involvement of the energy companies, many of the defects in retrofit projects are in fact the result of a lack of supply-chain knowledge and skills. The majority of the contractors involved do not set out to deliver poor projects. Yet the results are plain to see. Saturated cavity wall insulation; mould and condensation; render systems failing; huge performance gaps and dissatisfied customers are testament to an industry lacking a deep understanding of building science and best practice.

student on courseOur CarbonLite retrofit training course (CLR) addresses exactly this problem. With Bonfield directing the market towards quality over quantity, now is the perfect time to build real competence in retrofit.

CarbonLite retrofit is the UK’s leading advanced-level, e-learning retrofit training course. It is aimed at experienced architects and builders who want to advance their knowledge to an expert level. CLR Combines a vast amount of original online teaching material with a series of expert-led webinars and quizzes.

Our next CLR course starts on 24th April 2017 and now is the time to apply for your place.

The AECB’s sister organisation The Retrofit Academy provides an eight-day, intermediate level training course for built environment and housing professionals. CarbonLite retrofit builds upon this at an advanced level, providing 35 PHI credits for those who complete the course, and also enables graduates to become Retrofit Academy Accredited Professionals, or ‘Advanced Retrofit Coordinators’.

The course takes place online, so learners simply login to their account and continue where they left off. The webinars for each module are on set dates and provide an opportunity for participants to discuss their projects in a structured manner with expert tutors.

In a nutshell, CarbonLite retrofit:

  • Provides advanced level learning, equivalent to a masters Level 7 module
  • Enables participants to learn from the comfort of their own homes at their own pace.
  • Awards 35 PHI credits
  • Gives graduates access to AECB Project Self-Certification
  • Accredits graduates as Advanced Retrofit Coordinators
  • Enables participants to access online material for up to a year from course enrolment date

To register your interest for CLR or to find out more, simply click here or send us an email.