Partel – sustainability through technology

Partel design and supply a number of innovative high-performance products to the Low Energy Building sector in the UK, Ireland and US. Our product range includes market leading Vapour Control Layers, Monolithic exterior breather membranes, Airtight tapes along with products to help prevent thermal bridging.

In addition to the above Partel are the sole UK & Irish distributor for LUNOS Decentralized ventilation systems. LUNOS are the worldwide market leader in providing efficient, quiet, low energy residential and commercial ventilation systems. The decentralized concept means that installation is extremely straightforward and best of all there is no complicated ducting to run throughout the property.

As a team we all come from engineering or building physics backgrounds and as such have the technical expertise and experience to provide whatever advice is needed for your project. We offer customised technical sales and provide support on all of our products from specification advice, WUFI analysis, U-Value Calcs, training, and onsite inspections. In addition to low energy buildings we have a large number of NZEB, Passivhaus and Enerphit projects on our books which we believe is a reflection of the quality of our products and services.

We are members of many leading low energy building associations in Europe and in North America including AECB. We have found that organizations such as AECB provide the best platforms for collaborating and spreading the word that “building tight and ventilating right” is the way forward for the industry!

We believe we have a lot to offer to the modern builder.


Below are some highlights from our product range:

VARA PLUS – Our Intelligent Airtight Vapour Control Layer (VCL). The best SD value range on the market allows it to close tight in the Winter, preventing moisture from entering the structure, and then opens in the Summer to allow water trapped inside the structure to escape!

EXOPERM & ECHOFOIL – Our range of exterior membranes constructed with a TPE monolithic layer to transport any trapped water out of the structure whilst remaining totally wind tight and waterproof, unlike most micro-porous membranes that are on the market. ECHOFOIL EXO is the only monolithic reflective exterior membrane on the market!

ALMA-T – An award winning complete thermally broken threshold designed for the modern low energy building. ALMA-T is compliant with PART A, L, M and is also architecturally designed. Superior materials are used throughout from market leading structural and thermal insulation to grade 316 SS. ALMA-T assists with fenestration installation and helps achieve airtightness.

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