Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) 2013 Version and SketchUp Design plugin:designPH

Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) 2013 Version  and SketchUp Design plugin: design PH

The English version of the 2013 issue of PHPP (PHPP8) has been released and is available to purchase at £125 plus VAT online from:

If you already have a copy of an earlier version of PHPP (eg PHPP7) you can upgrade to PHPP8 at the reduced price of £105 plus VAT.  This can now be done online at

The AECB has entered into a contract with the Passivhaus Institute (PHI) to sell the new SketchUp plugin designPH (English version).  You can buy it now at the AECB member rate discounted prices online via the AECB website at:

Prices are listed below.  Please note these exclude VAT and depend on the version of PHPP you have.  For full details of the new designPH please visit:

  • Upgrade from PHPP7 to PHPP8.5 PLUS designPH plugin:                                                                            £210
  • NEW PHPP8 PLUS  designPH plugin (includes latest upgrade for PHPP8 to PHPP8.5):                £280
  • If you have a copy of PHPP8 you can have the designPH plugin only :                                                         £170

(including upgrade to PHPP8.5)


Please note that if you do not have a copy of PHPP you cannot purchase DesignPH on its own.  The above prices are for AECB members only.