Passivhaus ventilation: It’s not a lot of hot air.

Mark Siddall

An article for the AECB by Mark Siddall

Editor: Kate de Selincourt

If you believe some of the things you hear about Passivhaus, you might think each one was a suffocating prison of stale, unhealthy air, sealed off from the outside world behind locked windows.

Mark Siddall, architect and Certified Passivhaus Designer, does a little myth busting and sets some  facts straight, before exploring some areas where neither natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation, nor even the Passivhaus standard, have absolutely all the answers.

Passivhaus occupants are free to enjoy the | scents and sounds of outdoors

Mark Siddall is a practising architect and part-time lecturer at Northumbria University. As one of the UK’s leading Certified PassivHaus Designers he specialises in Building Physics lead design. He was project architect for the award winning Racecourse Passivhaus scheme, one of the UKs largest domestic Passivhaus projects to date. He also assisted with the delivery of three award winning projects in the Retrofit for the Future programme. Mark has published papers internationally, and he is a technical advisor to the Passivhaus Trust.

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