PHribbon Taster Session – Booking Now

PHribbon makes using PHPP easier!

This taster session is to help you decide if you would like to book onto the full course. More details about the full course will follow soon.

If you have been using the Passivhaus Institute’s PHPP software and would like to discover the potential carbon impact of your building design, then PHribbon can make this far easier – for both embodied and operational CO2e. Embodied carbon is the whole life carbon impact of the materials, from manufacturing to final disposal, and operational carbon is the emissions from the fuels used to heat the building and the hot water.  This taster will demonstrate how easy PHribbon is to use, for example, PHribbon handles all the conversions so that you don’t have to think about them.

This taster does then mention some of the other ways that PHribbon can assist you when building your PHPP, for example, helping you with climate regions, copying over construction assemblies from v9 PHPPs into a library, use of a lambda values database, help with absorptivity/emissivity and checking your PHPP.

The full course will then focus entirely on detailed training of embodied/operational carbon calculations. It will go beyond the pre-existing training videos that some may have seen, and is intended for those who are more serious about CO2 calculations.

No previous knowledge of PHribbon is required, although you will need to be fairly familiar with PHPP. The course has exercises for you to do in between the sessions. The emphasis is to ensure that you understand how to tackle a range of situations and get reliable answers.

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