From Energy Efficiency         →               Passivhaus             →                 Now the E-Haus

First it was a good idea to become energy efficient – cutting fuel bills and energy consumption.
We are now at the stage where the principles of the Passivhaus are being more generally adopted as the implications of Global Warming and the effects of a rise in temperature of 1.5 degrees register with those in authority.
Fabric performance, renewable energy systems and energy storage lead to the next step to Sustainability – The E-Haus!
Passivhaus construction has already established the feasibility of removing active heating and cooling systems to control the domestic environment. Indeed, as the efficiency of energy storage systems improves, autonomy from energy utilities is becoming a practical proposition.
The logical development is now to generate more renewable energy than is required for use in the home and selling it back to the grid, creating the home as an Energy House – The E-Haus!
The isorast building system in Germany (aka BecoWallform in the UK) has long pioneered the building fabric as the key to energy efficiency. The first building system to be approved by the Passivhaus Institut, isorast has continued development towards practical, energy autonomous homes.

The E-Haus Design Competition

Isorast have now launched an open competition to design an E-Haus – an Energy House based on a family home of up to 200 sq.m. which is energy self-sufficient, generating and storing all its own energy. The surplus energy produced is directed into the local distribution network, reducing centralised energy production. The E-Haus is another step towards the Sustainable Community.
The competition is open to architects and designers in the EU, UK and Switzerland. Total prize money is €55,000 + VAT where applicable.
Entries are to be submitted by 16th August 2019 and the winning projects will be exhibited at the ReWoBau 2020 trade fair in Wiesbaden, 7th to 9th February 2020.
Further details and competition documents are available via the isorast website: