AECB Embodied Carbon Calculator

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The AECB CO2 Calc

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The AECB Embodied Carbon Calculator calculates Whole Life Carbon, that is Embodied CO2 from Cradle to Grave.  It’s written by Tim Martel, a Certified Passivhaus Designer, Chartered Architectural Technologist and AECB expert who is also a course tutor for the Carbonlite Retrofit course.

CO2 Calc covers the whole life stages A-C (and D where information is available).

This therefore includes :

Stage A, A1-A3 Manufacture including A4 Transport to site and A5 Construction
Stage B, Use of the building including B4 Replacement
Stage C, Demolition and Disposal of the building
And quoted separately Stage D, Reuse, Recycling potential (outside the usual scope of the main calculation). It calculates the credit from reuse of an element, assembled part such as a frame, or something that is reused offsite.

It is also suitable for initial estimates for the RIBA 2030 Challenge v2 and LETI (London Energy Transformation Initiative).

Input Data

  • built-in library of 291 entries from EPDs containing the Full Life info for stages A-D and a further 140 from ICE 2019 with manufacturing data (A1-A3)
  • includes CO2 stored in timber and timber based materials, also called sequestered CO2. This is calculated where it has been omitted in the EPD.
  • standard RICS methodology including 60 year nominal life
  • filters EPDs, choose whether you want to see products manufactured within your country, a region e.g. Europe, or all the EPDs


  • coloured results, the output table is coloured by value to make it easy to see where the CO2 is coming from
  • fully transparent calculation
  • up to 4 options can be graphed/compared
  • simpler format and option to simplify further so only the names of the materials and results are shown
  • density, you can change the density of products where units are “kg” in the final output sheet
  • Scope Summary written below the calculation for you to keep a record of exactly what is included
  • RIBA results gives RIBA 2030 Challenge results
  • LETI results graphic and detailed tables, all laid out on printable pages


Minimum System Requirements. You will need:

  • a Windows (PC) computer. If you have a Mac you will need to run a PC emulator (it works with Parallels, VMware fusion 11 with the PC version of Excel installed)
  • Microsoft Office 2010 or later

Leaf,plant,logo,ecology,people,wellness,green,leaves,nature Symbol Icon Set Of Vector Designs Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 93805495. CO2 Calc calculations have been published in Passivhaus+ magazine

Leaf,plant,logo,ecology,people,wellness,green,leaves,nature Symbol Icon Set Of Vector Designs Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 93805495.Results from the CO2 Calc tool matched (within the error margins) a 2-3 day calculation from Mark Siddall (Architectural Technologist, Trainer for the CarbonLite Passivhaus Designer course and Principal at LEAP).  When it gave the same answer in about half an hour he said “I’ll definitely be using it next time”.

Embodied Carbon - Hambleside Danelaw