Part L 2021 & the future homes standard – will we still need the AECB Building Standard? (Free webinar slides)

A free set of webinar slides from Dr Sarah Price and Tim Wilcockson of QODA consulting brought to you by the AECB

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On 24th May 2022 Dr Sarah Price and Tim Wilcockson of QODA consulting presented an AECB webinar on an overview of the Part L updates and a quick look at the Future homes standard in 2025.

They looked at how these Building Regulation standards compare with the AECB Building Standard and explore whether there is still a place for the AECB Building Standard after the Part L update comes into force in June 2022 and in the future.  It proved to be one of our most popular webinars and the panellists have agreed to share the webinar slides to AECB members and non-members alike.

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A recording of this webinar is available on the AECB website for members only.


About Dr Sarah Price

After a PhD in Molecular Physics, Sarah moved into the construction industry, and now specialises in Passivhaus, sustainability, low energy buildings, and retrofit. Sarah has worked on over 90 certified Passivhaus buildings across the country including the first Passivhaus leisure centre, and the construction stage of the largest Passivhaus development in the UK. She has worked with Decarbonsiation Fund projects, and with many clients helping them meet their climate emergency targets, and delivering a route to zero carbon.

Sarah is also an AECB expert advisor, and AECB Carbonlite Retrofit Assessor, and a member of the Retrofit Steering Task Group set up after the Each Home Counts review.

Sarah is the technical author for PAS 2035:2019 and PAS 2030 retrofit standard amendments (2021), and the lead technical author for the BEIS Retrofit IWI guide, published (2021). She was also co-author for the Passivhaus Trust’s Technical Guidance on Airtightness (2020).

About Tim Wilcockson
Tim is a keen champion of all things sustainable with a focus on Passivhaus design and works to support clients and local authorities in their initiatives to build or refurbish buildings to a warmer, healthier, and more sustainable level. He was worked extensively with multiple County Councils on decarbonisation projects, advising on Net Zero Carbon targets, and has subsequently compiled a report on practical steps towards zero carbon in response to the proposed Future Homes Standard 2050. Tim has practical knowledge and experience of on-site building projects as well as current ‘zero carbon’ policy initiatives.