Recovery Insulation Shortlisted to Final in ‘London Sustainability Award’ Category.

Recovery Insulation‘s recycled cotton/denim INNO-THERM has been has been shortlisted to the final in the “London Sustainability Award” category.  The winners and runners up will be announced during the awards gala dinner ceremony on the evening of the 18th June 2015 at the exclusive venue, Indigo at the O2.

“One way to meet the global challenges and help in the transition to a low carbon economy is to provide environmentally friendly sustainable insulation materials while ensuring adequate ventilation and good air quality, critical components for healthy and low carbon buildings.  UK research has shown a correlation between poorly conceived energy efficiency efforts, indoor air quality and the rise in asthma and allergic diseases in UK.

If you are looking to increase building fabric thermal efficiency while keeping to budget; and have a client that requires a low impact environment for a building, using INNO-THERM in the design phase of construction can be a cost-effect way to decrease heating and cooling bills as well as having no ongoing maintenance and renewal costs.”

Abstract from paper by David Garlovsky (Inno-Therm)