Redrawing the Energy-Climate Map – World Energy Outlook Special Report

Governments have decided collectively that the world needs to limit the
average global temperature increase to no more than 2 degrees C and
international negotiations are engaged to that end. Yet any resulting agreement will not
emerge before 2015 and new legal obligations will not begin before 2020.
Meanwhile, despite many countries taking new actions, the world is drifting
further and further from the track it needs to follow.
The energy sector is the single largest source of climate-changing
greenhouse-gas emissions and limiting these is an essential focus of
action. The World Energy Outlook has published detailed analysis of the
energy contribution to climate change for many years. But, amid major
international economic preoccupations, there are worrying signs that the
issue of climate change has slipped down the policy agenda. This Special
Report seeks to bring it right back on top by showing that the dilemma can
be tackled at no net economic cost.  To see the full report click here.