Sustainable and thoughtful interior design solutions

AECB member Lisa Lewis aims to provide clients with sustainable, thoughtful interior design solutions which respond to each individual clients’ needs.

Today we are bombarded with images of interior design trends and information on how our homes should look. But the most important aspect of interior design is creating an environment that works for those who inhabit it in the most sustainable, healthy and efficient way.  We strive to provide each and every client with a bespoke interior design solution they did not think they could achieve within their space or budget.  We work on full house refurbishment projects as well as the refreshing and updating of existing schemes and to a variety of budgets.

We all have a responsibility to our planet and this is particularly relevant in the interior design world as we all know that the construction industry plays a huge role in its impact on the environment.  It is therefore our obligation as interior designers to take this into account in our designing, construction and procuring processes.  Moreover, with chronic medical conditions seemingly becoming more prevalent it seems that the use of natural, breathable materials in our homes just makes more sense.

We are members of the AECB as we feel that, being part of a network of like-minded individuals, we can make a positive change together.

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