“Have not been for some years, so good to catch up with people and I really enjoyed it”(2015)

“The opportunity to network, discuss ideas, learn from others experiences and see different opinions” (2015)

“It was great being amongst so many experts, and being able to network with so many like minded individuals” (2015)

“Enthusiastic, impressive and generous lecturers – describing real life projects including the problematic issues and sharing dedicated research” (2015)

“How friendly everyone is. I never feel afraid to ask questions, despite feeling that everyone knows more than me! I tend to attend each conference with a project problem in mind and solve most of it while there, however I also realise more potential problems as well, but that is also useful of course.” (2015)

“This is a conference I really enjoy attending” (2015)

“A great combination of useful information, the chance to chat and discuss a whole range of topics, and generally stay up to date with people” (2014)

“Invigorating!” (2014)

“Excellent speakers at the top of their game. Good social and an inspiring event.” (2014)

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